The LEWIS LATIMER building formally known as the EDISON Electric Building of Roxbury articulates an interdisciplinary approach and future vision of urban aesthetic design. “THE LATIMER” embodies a unique application of advanced green technologies to increase and enhance quality of life standards while preserving the community’s character. We propose to demolish the existing building and create a slim building footprint that returns to the public domain the street level via exterior plaza space and gathering vistas. Rising from this commercial base we envision a slender glass and wood structure that will signify an architectural significance to Dudley Square, a beacon of where Roxbury is and where it is heading. A symbol of engineering and design excellence thrusting an attitude of a more holistic and socially sustainable way of building green.

We will propose to be the first Boston high rise to be fully constructed of Cross Laminated Timber, (CLT). All the superstructure rising from grade will be engineered with this innovative technology. As a wood framed structure our height limits will hover around ten stories or less and possibly an FAR of 6. Similar building systems are seen in the design and construction stages in the US Northwest; Vancouver, BC, and Scandinavia. Scandinavian Panel Systems. Inc. of Worcester, Ma is initiating ground work for this manufacturing technology to fit into their program manufacturing needs in their soon to be opened manufacturing plant for wood panels using robotic technologies for the construction industries.

Line Company Architects are partners with DexTrust Industries of Worcester, MA in seeking approval for the LEWIS LATIMER vision.