Building Back Better Communities (BBBC) was a three phase international competition to design, manufacture, and build affordable middle income permanent homes for the earthquake displaced population in sections of Port au Prince, Haiti. Designs were to show innovative housing ideas in design, manufacturing, assembly and environmental. Phase one identified over 450 international submissions, where about 50 including our submission, were selected to phase 2 for public viewing and a conference /design exhibition in Haiti in January 2011. We were also selected to phase 3 where we built two units as part of a housing expo where the final 30 displayed their product and donate their homes to the Haitian government. The housing expo opened for public viewing in May 2011.

Units are designed in the vernacular language of the region using panelized construction from Wood Tech Systems, and able to withstand 180 mph winds and seismic forces up to 7.0. Building design includes a 400 gal. back up roof water storage with gravity feed supply.